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Cold Weather and Snow Day Policies

Cold Weather and Snow Day Policies 

Helpful Reminders:

  • If it is 21 degrees or colder, we will have an inside day.
  • If there is heavy rain or snow, we will have an inside day.
  • If an inside day is called, there will be orange flags hung outside every exterior door of the main building.
  • Don't forget to dress for the weather. It is better to be prepared, than to be cold.
  • When it has snowed and we are outside, Heartland Elementary does NOT allow students to throw snowballs, kick snow in the air, or slide on the ice as these can all cause injuries.
  • Should a snow day be called by the district office, it will be announced by local media as soon as possible.

Poor air quality

  • If there is an air quality concern, students with asthma will be allowed to stay inside. If the air quality is a major concern, it will be an inside day for all students.

The following is from the Utah Asthma Program: (updated 11-8-2017)

For more information about Utah's air quality, check the following website:

In addition, a listserv has been created to provide two types of air quality alerts from November through March: (to the schools)

Weekly Forecast Emails: When air quality forecasts are bad, we will send an email Monday with the forecast for the following week. This email will include tips for indoor physical activity and additional resources.

Daily Alert Recommendations: Each day, we will check air quality levels in the morning. When air quality reaches levels that require students to be kept indoors, a notice will be sent via this listserv.

As you know, poor air quality is common during Utah winters and affects health.

The Utah Recess Guidance was developed by Utah partners to help schools decide when to keep students indoors for recess on bad air quality days. In 2016, the Recess Guidance levels and recommendations were updated to better meet Utah community needs..

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact the school.