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About Heartland Elementary

Heartland Elementary School is located in the city of West Jordan, Utah about 15 miles south of Salt Lake City. The school is located in a suburban community of homes, apartment complexes and commercial businesses. Heartland patrons are supportive and anxious to be involved in their children's education. Heartland Elementary is one of the several elementary schools located in West Jordan.

  • Heartland Elementary, serves 500+ students from kindergarten through sixth grade. Heartland provides full day kindergarten and houses four EXCEL cluster classrooms for the Jordan School District.
  • School is in session 180 days a year and on a traditional nine-month calendar. The school day begins at 8:30 a.m. and ends at 3:05 p.m. except on Fridays when students are dismissed at 12:30 p.m. to allow teachers time for planning.
  • All teachers are highly qualified and hold state teaching certificates. Several have master's degrees and many have other important endorsements, such as, ESL, Gifted and Talented, Reading and Math.
  • Heartland serves many students with ethnic heritage: Native American, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islander and African American.
  • Teachers meet twice a week for collaboration and planning time to discuss and analyze data to meet the needs of all students.
  • During the teachers collaboration and planning time, students go to rotations. Rotations consist of Music, Library, Art, and PE.
  • Special programs that are available to qualifying students include Resource, Guidance, Speech and Gifted/Talented.
  • The school has an excellent breakfast and lunch program. Free and reduced price lunches and breakfasts are available to qualifying families.
  • Heartland is a walking school; however, EXCEL students do get bused to Heartland from surrounding communities.
  • School visitors are always welcome at Heartland. Visitors must check in at the office as they arrive and will be asked to provide identification when picking students up.
  • Heartland has an active PTA and School Community Council and other volunteers who provide hours of valuable service to the school each year.
  • Each year our teachers attend hours of in-service to upgrade and enhance instructional skills.
  • Several of our teachers have been recognized for outstanding classroom instruction.