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Our Outstanding Teachers


Michelle Jackson

Marlane Forsyth

Jessica Creek

First Grade

Susan Call

Amy Harvey

Glenna Roundy

Megan Smith

Second Grade

Laurie Ferrini

Brad Linnarz

Brooke Young

Third Grade

Leslie Fiskell

Aura Murray

Fourth Grade

Haydee Carranza

Isabel Shumway

Kelsi Barney (4/5 Jobshare)

Fifth Grade

Krista Jensen

Shari Eliason

Kelsi Barney (4/5 Jobshare)

Sixth Grade

Zara Beck

Amy Mella

Amelia Paasi

Special Education

Courtney Miller, Team Leader and Behavior Support

Bethann Johns, Upper EXCEL

Melissa Mock, Upper EXCEL

Laura Nielson, Younger EXCEL

Christen Stanley, Younger EXCEL

Judy Jensen, Preschool


Jessica Clawson

Chelsea Reid


Meg Staples

Hsiu-Chi Alberque


Krista Liles


Jen Whitcanack


Julie White, Music

Alina Lester, Art

Candis Mcdonald Library

Tosha , PE

Instructional Coaches

Nicole Schmidt

Ann Henrie