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School Teachers


Kathleen Niwa.

Jessica Creek

Bethany Jelliffe

First Grade

Susan Call

Alexis O'hara

Glenna Roundy

Second Grade

Laurie Ferrini

Michelle Jackson

Brooke Young

Third Grade

Leslie Fiskell

Marlane Forsyth

Nerieda Lopez

Fourth Grade

Haydee Carranza

Isabel Shumway

Jessica Quanstrom

Fifth Grade

Krista Jensen

Kelsi Barney

Sixth Grade

Ali Theuer

Amy Mella

Amelia Paasi

Special Education

Courtney Miller, Team Leader and Behavior Support

Paige Kesler K-2

Melissa Mock, 3-4

Bethann Johns, 5-6

Judy Jensen, Preschool


Jessica Clawson

Chelsea Reid



Bethany Keever


Jenilee Sorenson


Julie White, Music

Alina Anderson, Art

Melissa Bartholomew Library

Tosha Ofiara , PE

Brad Linnarz, Science

Instructional Coaches

Annie Otley

  • The Utah State Board of Education may grant an educator one of the following education licenses:
    1. Professional Educator License – a license issued to an individual who has demonstrated all of the State established competencies to be an educator.
    2. Associate Educator License – a license issued to an individual who has met a minimum set of educator requirements and is completing all professional educator requirements to receive a Professional Educator License.
    3. Local Education Agency (LEA)-specific Educator License – a license issued to an individual, approved by the local Board of Education, who has met locally defined competencies to be an educator.

    An LEA-specific license area or endorsement may include:

    • Out of State and Internationally licensed educators completing Utah licensing requirements.
    • Educators waiting for university license recommendations.
    • Educators with expired Utah licenses.
    • Educators working towards an Associate license area/endorsement.
    • Career and Technical Education educators completing skills testing.
    • Educators waiting to begin a university licensure program.

    Schools may employ individuals holding LEA-specific Educator Licenses, as well as Professional and Associate Educator Licenses, as outlined below based on the employee’s FTE:

    Location Type Fully Qualified Educators who are teaching under LEA Specific or are not Qualified Educators in an Associate Program to become Professional Qualified
    Heartland Elementary Elementary 92.15% 2.62% 5.23%