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Rules of Order

Heartland School Community Council Order of Procedure and Rules

Heartland's School Community Council is comprised of six members. Four Parent members and two school members, including the principal.


Each year Heartland will hold elections, if needed, to replace the needed members of the council. Each year in September a Skylert email will be sent to all families notifying them of open seats on the council. Heartland strives to replace members on an odd and even year schedule so that only two seats are available each year. Parents at that time may make a formal request to be on the council via email or witten note to the principal. Should there be more parents interested than the council allows an election will be held. An election ballot will be available in the office with names of the people seeking election. This ballot will be confidential and overseen by the principal.

All community members are invited to attend any council meeting, but only council members are allowed to vote on items. At the first meeting the council will elect a chair and a vice chair each year. Any council member shall disclose any conflict of interest privately with the principal and chair. Members of the council will be removed from their seat should they miss two scheduled council meetings without being granted an excusal by the chair and vice chair.

We follow the Robert’s Rules of Order as outlined below for any vote:

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